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HRIS & Benefit Administration Series

Human Resource Information Systems and Benefit Administration Technology’s rapid expansion is enabling employers to significantly increase operation in areas that are often described as the “backbone” of their business. But this can get confusing since there are several vendors who claim solutions that include payroll, onboarding to retirement, schedule management, benefits administration, and other human-resource-related features.

Choosing the right solution is the key to obtaining maximum satisfaction and performance from an HRIS system. It can lead to better talent recruitment and retention, more accurate processing of all HR, and benefit-related functions. It also increases flexibility for employees with self-service tools.

Introduction to HRIS

What is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?  An HRIS is a software solution that helps companies manage and automate core Human Resource (HR) processes. As an interactive system of information management, the HRIS standardizes HR tasks while facilitating...