Employee Benefits & HR Consulting​

Employee Benefits and Human Resources are intricate business requirements that can be confusing due to numerous laws, regulations, technologies and challenges associated.

Aegis simplifies the confusion by offering a people-centric, technology-driven approach to problem-solving for both businesses and employees. We serve organizations with as few as 30 employees.

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Partner with our experts. You’ll reap the rewards. We help our partners with a variety of complex HR, Benefits, Compliance, and Enrollment Issues. Better benefits, sound solutions, long-term strategies.


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HR & Technology

HR is hard enough, do it with an expert by your side. Think ahead of the curve.

Employee Benefits

Reduced premiums, better protections. We specialize in it!


Simplify compliance and reporting requirements. Stay ahead of the curve.

Education & Communication

Engage and educate your workforce like never before. We’ll do the leg work.

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The Power of Partnership

Our approach is simple. We take the complexities out of managing an employee population, administering an employee benefits program, and protecting commercial property.

What sets Aegis apart as a top-tier insurance and HR consultancy firm is our wholistic approach to HR & Benefits. Our unified team takes a comprehensive approach to crafting eco-systems that empower individuals to thrive both professionally and personally. Our partnership revolves around one shared goal: promoting business expansion and individual growth. Our streamlined solutions integrate various services in a tech-savvy, human-centered manner, maximizing efficiency for all parties involved.


HR & Benefits Consulting

Protect Families, Simplify HR, Streamlined Enrollments, and peace of Mind Compliance. That’s what a partnership with our team means. We work with Mid-Sized employers (50-1500 Employees) by providing a broad spectrum of Employee Benefits and Human Resource consulting and support services. Having experts at your fingertips keeps you ahead. 


Mergers & Acquisitions

At Aegis, we transform bold ambitions into reality. Our goal is to collaborate with thriving business owners in HR, benefits, retirement, and P&C fields, empowering them to reach their full potential and expand with us. Partner with a company that inspires your team to excel and invests in your business for lasting growth, limitless opportunities, and transformative results.



Unleash your potential and lead your best life at Aegis. As a company that values people above all else, we strive to provide our employees with fulfilling careers that allow them to make a significant impact on countless lives. Explore our current job openings to discover how you can leverage your skills and career aspirations to advance your career with us at Aegis. 

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