Customize, Build, and Implement an HRIS & Benefit Administration System with our 6-step Process

by | Apr 18, 2022 | HRIS & Benefits Administration

Implementing a HRIS & Benefits Administration System sounds like a daunting task, but with the guidance from a consultant & a proper implementation strategy, this uptake can be accomplished in as short as a week.  

At Aegis, we take pride in walking our clients through each step of the implementation process, ensuring they are informed, educated and confident in their new management system.  

We have broken down the implementation of this software into a standardized 6 step process. 

1. Software Evaluation & Information Planning  

A. Software Evaluation 

  • Vendor Introductions & Technology Demo’s  
  • Evaluation of Alternatives  

B. Information Planning

  • Eligibility Rules & Class Structures  
  • Payroll Groups  
  • Company Locations  
  • Carriers & Benefits Information  

2. System Building

  • Your system is built using information gathered from information planning  
  • Administrative access & permissions are assigned  

3. Data Collection  

  • Employee Census  
  • Carrier Enrollment Reports  
  • Payroll Reports  

4. Testing & Training

  • Open enrollment testing to ensure benefits are presented correctly to each class of employee  
  • Administrative training on eligibility management & HRIS functions  

5. Launch & Go-Live

  • Final updates made to system  
  • Companywide communication campaign  
  • Additional Training Sessons  

6. Integrations & Audits  

A. Integrations are built during & after initial go live date 

  • Insurance Carrier & TPA Integrations 
  • COBRA Integrations  
  • HRIS Integrations 
  • Payroll Integrations  

B. Audits  

  • During the integration process with a third-party vendor such as a payroll provider or insurance carrier, an information audit will be completed. Before the systems share information, both systems of record much match information with a 1 to 1 ratio.  

At Aegis, our goal is to simplify these buildouts and systems that can overwhelm an organization on their own. By breaking it down into six-steps, it makes it clear where our value comes into play, and how we can guide you through a system buildout that completely changes your HR team’s capabilities.